Legal Advocacy Program

Individuals experiencing domestic violence, sexual violence or stalking, can receive assistance in navigating the criminal justice system. The Legal Advocacy Program provides support and information on the legal process and court proceedings, as well as court escort and support services.

The Legal Advocacy team at the Women's Resource Center of the New River Valley can help any person who has experienced sexual or domestic violence when they have questions about the criminal justice system or their role as a witness for a court case. Our Legal Advocacy team gives explanations on court procedures, and if called upon, will give tours of court facilities prior to testifying.

Our Legal Advocacy team also provides information about:

  • Family abuse protective orders and/or stalking protective orders.
  • Custody, visitation and /or child support.
  • Legal Aid and family law attorneys in your area.

By its very nature, Legal Advocacy at the WRC means helping those who have experienced domestic or sexual violence in any way with regards to the legal system. That includes notifying people about the release or status of a defendant and whether the defendant is in jail or prison or simply just sitting with someone while waiting to testify.

Our Legal Advocacy team helps connect people to:

  • Information on filing a criminal warrant.
  • The Commonwealth Attorney’s office(who prosecutes the criminal charges)
  • An interpreter.
  • Referrals to resources in the New River Valley (i.e.: social services, community services, etc).

Legal Advocacy also helps victims file paperwork for the victim’s compensation fund. Victims may be compensated for medical expenses or lost wages through state funding.

Helpful Websites and Phone Numbers:

VineLink - To be notified of prisoner status in our local jail.

Judicial System of Virginia - Use this to check the status of a case for General District and Circuit Court.

Criminal Injuries Compensation Fund

Southwest Virginia Legal Aid Society, Inc.

New River Valley Regional Jail - (540) 643-2000

Montgomery County Jail - (540) 382-6904

For more information, please call the Women's Resource Center at (540) 639-1123 or (540) 639-2197 TTY.