Elder Abuse

Elder Abuse is a serious problem, and unfortunately, many cases of abuse go undetected or underreported. The number of known cases of elder abuse increases each year in Virginia. It is estimated that nearly 5 percent of the nation’s elderly will become a victim of abuse.

There are several types of elder abuse:

  • Physical Abuse: Causing physical pain, injury or improper use of restraints.
  • Mental Abuse: Causing pain or distress by threatening, frightening, embarrassing or ridiculing.
  • Sexual Abuse: Any unwanted sexual activity or touching. For more about sexual abuse, please click here, which will take you to the Sexual Violence section.
  • Neglect: Intentional withholding of adequate food, clothing, shelter or medical care needed for mental and/or physical health
  • Self-Neglect: Improper care because the elder adult is not able to take care of themselves, is in poverty or simply refuses help.

  • Abandonment: Being left alone for long periods of time.

  • Financial Exploitation: Taking away the older adult’s money or property without consent.

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Intimate Partner Violence and Rural Older Women
Fact Sheet
Professional Response
Resource List
Community Referrals
Helping a Friend - Helping Yourself

For more information or if you suspect elder abuse you can contact:

The Women's Resource Center of the New River Valley at
Office: (540) 639-9592
Hotline: (540) 639-1123
TTY: (540) 639-2197
Toll Free: (800) 788-1123 (regional access)
Fax: (540) 633-2382
E-mail: dvcoordinator@wrcnrv.org
Website: www.wrcnrv.org

Virginia Adult Protective Services
Website: http://www.dss.virginia.gov/family/as/aps.cgi
Phone: (888) 832-3858

NRV Area Agency on Aging
Phone: (540) 980-7720
Email: nrvaoa@psknet.com

If you reside in a Long-Term Care facility of any kind, your Ombudsman is your advocate and can be contacted through the local Area Agency on Aging.

Virginia Department of Social Services
Phone: (804) 692-1299 (this will connect you with your local department for assistance)

Virginia Department for the Aging Center for Elder Rights Consumer Protection Technical Assistance Resource Center
Phone: (800) 552-3402