Task Force on Older Adults

With a growing population of older adults in the New River Valley and a recognition that older women and men may have needs and concerns that are not well understood and addressed by current domestic and sexual violence services, the Women’s Resource Center founded and facilitates a Task Force on Domestic Violence Among Older Adults. This group is made up of concerned professionals and individuals with a particular interest in the area’s older population. Its mission is to increase awareness and improve community response to older adults experiencing domestic and/or sexual violence. This group includes forensic nurses, adult service providers, social workers, law enforcement, experts in gerontology, attorneys, individuals in later life, and others. Projects that the Task Force is involved in include:

  • Professional development conferences and training;
  • Developing trainings for professionals and awareness presentations for the public;
  • Improving awareness of community resources among community professionals;
  • And assessing the strengths and weaknesses of existing services.

If you are interested in becoming involved in the Task Force or would like further information, contact the Community Engagement Coordinator at (540) 639-9592 or e-mail us at communityengagement@wrcnrv.org.